Since Friday, netplan is now the default in artful. It is now included
in the minimal seed, and thus part of all installs by default (if you
find it missing, it's a bug I encourage you to report and let me know).
It's a direct replacement for ifupdown: I'm still working on making
ifupdown properly disappear from default installs (you will still be
able to install it if you really want to).

Netplan is a framework for configuring networks [1].  It allows you to
use a fully declarative syntax to describe how you want your network to
look, and will take care of writing the configuration files needed for
NetworkManager or systemd-networkd, saving you from having to learn the
details of both of these configuration formats. For more information and
how to use it, see [2].

As such, the default network config on a system configured to use DHCP
might look like this:

  version: 2
         dhcp4: yes

Netplan is intended to be the default configuration method for
networking in 17.10. While we expect it's already up to the task, now is
the time to really exercise it to its full potential, and to file bugs
where things don't work as well as they should. Bugs should be filed here:

Netplan can use either NetworkManager or systemd-networkd to render the
network the way you want it (hopefully... otherwise please file a bug!).
The full documentation for it is available on any Ubuntu system in
netplan(5) ('man 5 netplan').

Ubuntu Server installs done via the daily image already write 
configuration for the network interface as netplan configuration under 
/etc/netplan; and Ubuntu Desktop images have already been shipping a
simple netplan configuration to let NetworkManager control the network
devices since 16.10.

We think you'll find this new interface enjoyable to use, removing many
of the roadbumps that come from the interface-name-driven configuration
of /etc/network/interfaces.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MigratingToNetplan
[2] https://git.launchpad.net/netplan/tree/doc/netplan.md


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