Python upstream announced the EOL of Python2 for 2020

Getting Python2 demoted has been an ongoing task for several Ubuntu releases,
now finally having a desktop CD image in Ubuntu 17.10 which ships without a
Python2 interpreter.  The next step is to get Python2 demoted to universe,
before finally in the far future it can be removed entirely from the archive.
To get this done, we need:

 - OpenStack package builds using Python3
 - Removing or updating Python2 packages in the Ubuntu seeds.
 - Fixing remaining packages to use Python3 instead of Python2
 - Make sure that no new Python2 packages enter main (now being
   a topic for the MIR process).

Besides the OpenStack issues, you can find about 50 remaining issues at

There are now about 35 left, so please consider working on these, or commenting
on solutions for some issue.

It is unlikely that the demotion of Python2 will be possible for the 18.04 LTS
release, but please work on the issues so that we are ready for the demotion
once OpenStack is using Python3.

Thanks, Matthias

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