The second test rebuild of Bionic Beaver was started on April 08 2018 for all
architectures, all components (main component and seeded packages finished,
unseeded packages still building).  The number of build time failures
unfortunately is still high.

For arm64 and armhf the gcc-7 packages are based on the Linaro 7-2018.03

The test rebuild was done using the java-common packages from the
bionic-proposed pocket, already pointing to OpenJDK 10 (packaged as openjkd-11).

Results (please also look at the superseded builds) can be found at

Additional build failures for packages in bionic-proposed (not yet in bionic)
can be found at

Please help fixing the build failures.

Another test rebuild using GCC 8 as the default can be found at

The GCC 8 test rebuild uses the gcc-defaults packages from the PPA

We will make GCC 8 the default compiler for the 18.10 release, so please start
looking at those build failures as well.


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