We’re pleased to announce that groovy is now *open for development*.
auto-sync has been enabled and will run soon. As usual, we expect a
large influx of builds and autopkgtests in this initial period, which
will cause delays. Please help with fixing any breakage that occurs.

For this release we're moving a few of our live documents over to
Discourse from the Ubuntu wiki. We have a draft release schedule:


for discussion (please reply to this email with any concerns).

A few of us had a conversation a little while ago, where we talked
about how we could improve communication around archive-wide changes
so that other developers are aware when there is planned disruption in
the archive. So if you are planning something which might have a
disruptive effect on the archive (e.g. potential to cause build
failures), please add it to the second table in the above link.

There's also a skeleton of what will be the release notes


which we’re also moving over to Discourse.

For both of these, redirects from the old locations on the wiki should
be set up already.

Cheers, happy grooving!

Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak
 Foundations Team

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