@list: If you don't know what this email is about, it continues a
conversation from last month, which is archived. [1]

I continued on the SVG optimisations, even creating a branch for Scour
[2] having additional optimisations for things that I came across
while looking at the Scoured SVG files within the LiveCD. The result
is more savings on the LiveCD, but the law of diminishing returns
kicked in. :) I only saved 90 more KB on SVGs since the last time I
wrote about this.

However, I also determined that some XML (xmllint) optimisations are
safe for the CD:

-- Safe optimisation list: Start

/usr (recursive) *.glade or *.ui
/ (recursive) *.svg or *.xsl
/usr/lib/openoffice (recursive) *.xcu or *.xcs or *.xlb or *.xba or
*.xdl or *.xlc or *.xml or *.odb or *.soc or *.sod or *.soe or *.sog
or *.soh
/usr/share/themes (recursive) metacity-theme-*.xml
/usr/share/mime (recursive) *.xml
All %gconf-tree*.xml files

-- Safe optimisation list: End

At 2010-05-21 21:52 GMT, Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> wrote:
> -- Implementation --
> 1) Should this go into deb-package mangler run by soyuz?
> 2) Or should this be implemented as debhelper addon / cdbs as no-op
> ubuntu-patch and then if successful (all the quirks are worked out)
> and pushed to Debian?
I have no idea, and would like to defer to the Ubuntu packagers to
gather their opinion on this.

As I understand, both options would have advantages and drawbacks.

* The package mangler would be able to take any package and optimise
its files, for immediate savings. However, that doesn't give Debian or
upstreams much, and a blanket use of the package mangler could
completely break some software.
* dh_svgopt, dh_pngopt and dh_xmlopt (proposed names, if you will)
would at least give Debian something, and upstreams would be able to
include these dh_*'s in their package building rules. Upstreams would
make sure that the optimised files work with their software before
adding the dh_*'s, or adjust their code so that it does. However, that
means a lot of waiting around on some upstreams.

Opinions on dh_* versus package mangler? Would I need to code these
dh_*'s, or the addition to the package mangler? Should I move this to
another mailing list, like ubuntu-devel or debian-devel?

- Louis


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