Hi Martin,

Thanks for the notification.

While you're working on PNG optimisations in the build scripts, I have
something to ask you.

There has been discussion on the "More LiveCD space optimisations"
thread [1] of using AdvanceCOMP to further reduce the size of PNG
files (even after OptiPNG, PNG files can get recompressed further!).
There has also been discussion of using jpegoptim to losslessly
recompress JPEG files, and AdvanceCOMP for ZIP/JAR and gzip files.

AdvanceCOMP is packaged in maverick "universe" as advancecomp.
jpegoptim is packaged in maverick "universe" as jpegoptim.

Could these programs be added to the build scripts, or would that be
discouraged since they're in "universe"? Would these optimisations be
a case for inclusion into "main"?

Regarding this:
> I'll package scour, and add it to cdbs gnome.mk with some test cases.

Thanks for this. Scour also has a fair amount of unit tests and other
test cases that you could use.

If you need to communicate with Scour for packaging adjustments, bugs
or gaps in documentation, don't hesitate to file bugs and/or patches
against Scour, or e-mail me. I'm the co-maintainer for Scour since
June 2010, but even if I can't do releases, I can commit to the trunk.


Louis Simard
<Conspicuous absence of digital signature here>

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