My main point simply is, that at the moment 32 bit still is supported
for a while by the traditional releases and in the future snaps might
replace the kind of releases we are used to, with or without 32 bit
support. However, Oli already explains why 32 bit for snaps still is
more important.

I do not prefer snaps over a traditional install, I only wanted to
point out that something is happening.


PS: Btw. on an Arch mailing list SSE is discussed, for either 32 bit
and 64 bit architecture. When SSE4 was mentioned for 64 bit
architecture by a subscriber, AMD 64 bit CPU users still mentioned to
expect getting SSE2 packages. Changes regarding architecture are made
by any distro. Arch unlikely drops 32 bit architecture, but perhaps
will switch from SSE to SSE2 for 32 bit.

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