Ralf Mardorf schreef op 09-10-2016 20:12:

this time I read your complete mail, I just didn't watch the video.

A very last reply from me.

If you notice, that low level software requires improvement, you could
assume that this isn't something Ubuntu developers could change. A
feature request send to upstream makes more sense, than a discussion
about missing functionality on an Ubuntu mailing list.

There is no upstream for what you want, idiot. You will have to create it yourself. Step out of that mode please.

The only ones who could want any kind of functionality like this are feature-rich environments like Ubuntu. This is precisely the place to discuss such things.

It has no place on sometyhing like Debian, for instance, for the most part. Unless you have already created something that works, then you can show it to them.

If we all would agree with you, nothing would change. The one who feels
the need for a feature request needs to file one. Why should I file a
feature request for something I don't want? No answer required, it's
just a rhetorical question, I likely will mark this thread a spam.

You seriously cannot step out of this lazy attitude of yours. I don't request features, I create them.

You are telling me to do stuff. Apparently you have an interest then in seeing it happen. Oh but you don't, so all of your remarks were insincere, as I thought they were. You don't want it, but you're telling me to create it. No, you're not, you're sending me into the woods so I'll never create it, if I follow your advice. You are insincere to begin with and you are insincere at the end, trying to instill doubt in other people using your "cheap rhetorical tricks" (I would call them tactics) as you've put so well (but perhaps mistakenly, because you accuse yourself with these words, they are not coming from me (not even once, I merely repeated your words without quotes there)). You don't have the mindset of a developer at all, so what are you even doing here?

Developers don't file feature requests. They create them. I honestly can't understand how anyone could have an attitude like you. Letting other people do your work for you. And then blaming me with such sentiments. Remarkable.

I just hope that everyone understands that I am not asking anyone to do work for me. I am merely discussing things, but discussion is often seen as a "feature request" and these people know only two modes of operation: not do anything, or beg for things.

So when you complain about the status quo they see it as begging and not as a way to move forward with what you want to create. And that's all I can say here. And I am sorry to offend, but a huge amount of energy in Linux is just expended at stopping people who want to create something great. Everything you want to do you will find jealous people who say you can't, or should not do it. Or should be doing something else that would render you compeletely ineffective or even dysfunctional. Because filing requests for stuff is simply not a functional way of achieving stuff, I hope people can understand.

And I am spending time debating people who only try to stop what I am doing. And I could also be spending that time on functional stuff, but many people are only interested in bringing other people down than doing anything good. Criticising people for what they are doing, instead for what they are not doing.

And it doesn't help much if everything you do is getting criticised. Meanwhile these same people never come up with anything else, they only break down what you do, but do not come up with any alternative that is actually creative and advancing in the slightest sense, no, you must be happy with what already is.

And then they propose the least-effective and least-creative form of moving forward that is "filing feature requests". I am sorry, but that just blew my hat off. All slaves to the wage, I guess...?

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