amon schreef op 10-10-2016 15:53:
Since the topic seems to be mounting of devices from user space...

1) You can use sshfs to mount pretty much any directory,
   anywhere to which you have password access on any mount
   point for which you have privs. I used to use it a lot.
   Works great.

I read a post from 2005 that said the old smbmount did it as well, if you made the smbmnt program suid.

Personally I think it is too "light weight" in a certain sense although I think I once imagined a use case for myself.

Apparently suid mounting on user directories is nothing new. Someone on that page ( said "Whether that is a bug or a feature is an exercise for the reader".

2) I would love a feature in which I could add a blkid to
   fstab such that if I plug that particular USB or other
   storage device into my machine, that instead of mounting
   in /media/user/diskname, it would mount just like any other
   disk would at boot time.

I do this all the time. All of my usb disks mount in specific locations. They are set to auto and nofail.

   I haven't seen a way to do this,
   although I believe old automounters were fine with such.
   defaults, auto won't do it because it will hang you up
   waiting at boot time (well, you can set other options to
   prevent the hang, but its not really what I'd like to see.

Hmm... you speak of systemd probably. I do not know what other concerns you have.

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