Tom H schreef op 11-10-2016 22:36:

Absolutely. I'd switch on the update thingy for them to click OK for
their systems to be updated.

Here is a quick baffling picture on the topic of automatic updates.

This guy spent 11 hours getting his WiFi kettle to work. Then when it worked, his internet-of-things Lights prompted for an updated, and subsequently stopped working. (While the update was running). His house was without lights.

They were eating dinner in the dark because the lights were updating themselves.

I mean. Don't we think that craze needs to stop? Soon we won't get out of the door to work because the lock is updating itself and won't respond in the meantime. But Microsoft Windows is already doing this and my own system (Kubuntu 16.04) also tells me I require a reboot when it is absolutely not the case (I even have my kernel on hold).

'Hello,' said the elevator sweetly, 'I am to be your elevator for this trip to the floor of your choice. I have been designed by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation to take you, the visitor to the /Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy/, into these their offices. (...)

'Yeah,' said Zaphod, stepping into it, 'what else do you do besides talk?'
'I go up,' said the elevator, 'or down.'
'Good,' said Zaphod. 'We're going up.'
'Or down,' the elevator reminded him.
'Yeah, OK, up please.'
There was a moment of silence.
'Down's very nice,' suggested the elevator hopefully.
'Oh yeah?'
'May I ask you,' enquired the elevator in its sweetest, most reasonable voice, 'if you've considered all the possibilities that down might offer you?'

Not unnaturally, many elevators imbued with intelligence and precognition became terribly frustrated with the mindless business of going up and down, up and down, experimented briefly with the notion of going sideways, as a sort of existential protest, demanded participation in the decision-making process and finally took to squatting in basements sulking.

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