On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 11:27:39 +0200, Xen wrote:
>This guy spent 11 hours getting his WiFi kettle to work. Then when it 
>worked, his internet-of-things Lights prompted for an updated, and 
>subsequently stopped working. (While the update was running). His
>house was without lights.
>They were eating dinner in the dark because the lights were updating 

It's tragically that people suffering from intellectual disability get
scammed by companies removing the light switches. People who don't
suffer from intellectual disability, ensure to get working light
switches, that could be used to turn the light off and on, even if
their computers shouldn't work. Smart people interested in such knick
knacks at least wouldn't use something restricted and immediately
restore the system from a backup.

I never heard of anybody who was unable to turn on the light, because
an Ubuntu or any other distro upgrade has broken wifi.

Important production environments for professional work should be LTS
releases. An admin should maintain the professional environment,
e.g. taking care of https://www.ubuntu.com/usn/ and available security
upgrades. Assuming that a home computer should fail, this shouldn't be
a tragedy.

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