On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:06:51 +0200, Oliver Grawert wrote:
>can you two please calm down a little and tame your personal attacks,
>this isnt appropriate for an ubuntu list and this thread starts to
>slowly seem to go out of band ...
>please lean back, take a deep breath and consider if the topic really
>needs more discussion :)

I'm relaxed and I even don't feed the troll, aka Xen. It's just
important to correct bad encouragement done by Xen. For example, if a
subscriber, in this case Amon, thinks "the simplest way to fix this
issue is to add x-gvfs-show to the mount or fstab man page", it should
be explained that "mount" and fstab" have absolutely nothing to do with
a GNOME tool. Amon assumes "Those are the first place that most users
of such a feature are going to look".

A user who is aware that an issue is related to mounting and that there
are man pages available, usually does know how to use man pages.

So to use man pages, I would expect a user to at least having read

  man man

and perhaps the already mentioned Ubuntu Wiki, too.

So a user should tbe aware what a man page is and that it allows to
search for keyword related content, e.g.

  man -k mount

  apropos mount

list gvfs, too. If the available gvfs man page or pages shouldn't
provide the wanted information, than the gvfs related man page or pages
might need to be corrected, but adding something unrelated to mount and
fstab man pages is terribly wrong.

There were other issues, too and I always tried to explain mistakes,
not to argue with Xen, I completely don't care about this troll, just
because I care about subscribers who are lead astray by getting false
approval from Xen.


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