On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 11:11:03 -0500, amon wrote:
>none of those suggestions will find you anything if gvfs
>has not even been installed. apropos only searched man pages
>that are installed, the last I heard :-^

A default Ubuntu comes without a gvfs related man page installed?
Somebody not using a default Ubuntu install should be an experienced
user and be able to know where to get help, e.g. by using a user forum,
even experienced users send requests to user mailing lists, after doing
some research, Ubuntu Wiki, google, apropos.

>No key words that were obvious to this old Unix hacker on the
>web mentioned gvfs. Unless you already know it exists, such as
>the particular person who is not recognizing the difference
>between what is obvious only if you know it, and has absolutely
>no links if you don't already have the right key words.

You claim

  apropos mount

didn't mention gvfs? I explicitly take care that it is not installed
on any of my installs, by using empty dummy packages, usually soon or
later something automatically tries to installs it.

>When I suggest adding it to mount and fstab, I am thinking more
>of references, See Also. The Mount man page, for those who have
>read it, contains a section for commands relevant to each and
>every supported file system type. But not gvfs.

Because gvfs is GNOME software, it doesn't belong to the mount man page.

>Many of them are of course kernel modules, but regardless, mount man
>page is the very first place you go when you are looking for a problem
>with a mount. That location should at the very least reference
>you to other information.

Again, should  man ls  mention the GNOME file manager?

>If you don't believe that, I suggest you go talk to a good
>technical writer or a librarian. Or an old Unix hand.
>It really is not a good idea to say things about people who
>might possibly know more than you do about Unix systems in
>general. I am an industry guy. I don't show up often. I get
>paid a lot for making systems jump through hoops. Sometimes
>when I find something odd, I feel it my duty to inform someone
>who may or may not do anything about it, but having taken
>a few of those expensive minutes of my day to so inform, I
>feel I have discharged my duty.

Could you provide a few examples of UNIX and/or Linux man pages related
to basic CLI commands or configs that provide pointers to desktop
environment related software? I'm willing to learn.


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