amon schreef op 14-10-2016 18:11:
I am not going to continue with this other than to correct
some really strange assumptions.

First, I was probably using Unix when the person who claims
I must be amongst those who do not basics was still in nappies.

Second, none of those suggestions will find you anything if gvfs
has not even been installed. apropos only searched man pages
that are installed, the last I heard :-^

Thank you for your response amon. I believe Unix people often make this mistake indeed to consider that once you have already learned something, it is easy to find, but not understanding that those who have not yet encountered it or gone through it, have an impossible way getting there.

No key words that were obvious to this old Unix hacker on the
web mentioned gvfs. Unless you already know it exists, such as
the particular person who is not recognizing the difference
between what is obvious only if you know it, and has absolutely
no links if you don't already have the right key words.

The only reason I knew it is because the gnome-disks application adds those options to fstab when you use it. No other reason.

The man page to mount (or rather, fstab) could mention it just fine as it mentions systemd-specific options as well.

The only thing that can discredit it is some anti-gnome sentiment in that sense.

If you don't believe that, I suggest you go talk to a good
technical writer or a librarian. Or an old Unix hand.

There is the belief in Unix that good developers cannot be good writers and good writers cannot be good developers. This is repeated ad inifitum to prove that there is a good reason that documentation is so bad, and then instead of solving it, they hide behind that 'fact' that they don't know how to do it. Meanwhile they criticize any and all attempt to put that information in there, and sabotage those attempts even. Sometimes I wonder whether I am not the one who is insane, and question my judgement in thinking these man pages are bad and knowing I could do much better, when no one agrees with it and they also do not even allow you to put the content in.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. Anyway.

It really is not a good idea to say things about people who
might possibly know more than you do about Unix systems in
general. I am an industry guy. I don't show up often. I get
paid a lot for making systems jump through hoops. Sometimes
when I find something odd, I feel it my duty to inform someone
who may or may not do anything about it, but having taken
a few of those expensive minutes of my day to so inform, I
feel I have discharged my duty.

Much obliged ;-). And you're welcome :p.

Not ever done I guess (for me).

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