> On Friday, October 14, 2016 1:18 AM, Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunna...@ubuntu.com> 
> wrote:

> There is a script in the archive to help remove old kernels. If I had 
> several old kernels installed, I could easily install the byobu package 
> and run the purge-old-kernels command.

Well, byobu package does not have the script in Trusty; bikeshed has, but even 
that not in Precise IIRC.
Anyway, you could use a PPA.

> Now you tell us that you have written a new script to serve the same 
> purpose but with some improvements. 

Partially, yes. My script can purge new kernels, too :P purge-old-kernels is a 
pretty simple script with some bugs and limitations. E.g. 
though there has been some attempt to fix things in git.

> However, you won't show anybody the 
> script unless you get paid enough money in advance. Did I get it right? 
> If I did, it's a very odd 'offer' to an open source community.

No. I'll possibly get paid by Bountysource only after I have published the code 
and it has been accepted by backers as a solution to the issue. To be more 
specific, refer to 
I wish the information on the page was correct, but according to rappo on the 
IRC channel:
Oct 11 22:55:22 <rappo>        actually, that needs to be updated.. 
time-limited fundraisers have been removed in favor of monthly recurring, 

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