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I only wanted to point out that already with minimal knowledge about
writing shell scripts, it is possible to write a script, that fits to
individual user needs. If a novice only wants to clean /boot, there are
tons of scripts available, it requires not much time to get the links,
when using a much used search engine. DKMS hooks could be tricky,
they need to run before the kernel gets removed, or the DKMS dir and
lib/modules need to be cleaned by rm, after the kernel was removed.

Just to mention one link out of trillions:


Neither do I know the byobu script, nor yours.

The problem with your script seems to be, that you expect donations.
Some FLOSS Linux developers follow this concept, too, it works for
them, if they provide amazing software, that otherwise only could be
provided by companies of proprietary software, due to the required time
and manpower. Unlikely that a script to purge kernels is that important.
If a user should run into issues when using one of the already free as
in beer provided scripts, she could send a request to the users mailing
list or any other forum and would get help in fixing the script.

If you want to make money from FLOSS, you should offer something for
free as in beer, too. Assuming it should be amazing software, users of
the software are likely interested in donating. Some developers of
amazing software don't want donations, even while many users are
willing to donate. Some companies provide closed source software, that
does run on a FLOSS operating system.

In short, it's possible to make money. Regarding a script for
maintenance, you more likely could earn money by teaching.

In my experience community colleges and something like this, are more
visited by users of proprietary operating systems, for other computer
systems, there are usually non-profit clubs and for Linux non-profit

Good luck!

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