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> > Jarno, please reply to the list only,


> I only wanted to point out that already with minimal knowledge about
> writing shell scripts, it is possible to write a script, that fits to
> individual user needs. If a novice only wants to clean /boot, there are
> tons of scripts available, it requires not much time to get the links,
> when using a much used search engine. DKMS hooks could be tricky,
> they need to run before the kernel gets removed, or the DKMS dir and
> lib/modules need to be cleaned by rm, after the kernel was removed.
> Just to mention one link out of trillions:
> http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/remove-old-kernels-ubuntu-16-04/

It is kind of sad that you point us to a blog post with commercials. The 
substance of that blog post is copied from the Ubuntu Community documentation 
page mainly I have written:
No credits nor reference mentioned, of course.

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