Ralf Mardorf schreef op 15-10-2016 17:22:

"Cryptic Shell Commands

There are various cryptic shell incantations floating around help sites
and search engines that promise to remove older kernels. Copy-and-paste
mysterious incantations into your system at your own risk."

should read

"Shell commands and scripts

There are help sites that help to remove older kernels, too.
Before you copy-and-paste or install scripts suggested by users of
official Ubuntu channels, send a request to this channel, to ensure
that you would do the right thing. Be even more careful with hints from
websites, that aren't monitored by the Ubuntu community."


I think this is a form of vandalism Ralf. A paranoid message about how users must double check the correct source of whatever script they use. Someone points you to a page he's done and you immediately start to edit it? Because you know better? Jeez...

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