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> Some advices, especially from the Ubuntu community, on official Ubuntu
> channels, are encouraging novices to learn. Those sites are monitored by
> the Ubuntu community. Even blogs that are not official Ubuntu
> channels, aren't necessarily bad.
> IMO at least
> "Cryptic Shell Commands
> There are various cryptic shell incantations floating around help sites
> and search engines that promise to remove older kernels. Copy-and-paste
> mysterious incantations into your system at your own risk."
> should read
> "Shell commands and scripts
> There are help sites that help to remove older kernels, too.
> Before you copy-and-paste or install scripts suggested by users of
> official Ubuntu channels, send a request to this channel, to ensure
> that you would do the right thing. Be even more careful with hints from
> websites, that aren't monitored by the Ubuntu community."

I have tried to make my script safe. Besides it has an optional simulation 
mode: no files or packages will be removed, when using it; the script forces to 
run the simulation mode as normal user. And the script has a bug tracker in 
Launchpad, so people can easily find known issues with the script.

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