On Sat, 15 Oct 2016 17:51:02 +0000 (UTC), Jarno Suni wrote:
>I have tried to make my script safe. Besides it has an optional
>simulation mode: no files or packages will be removed, when using it;
>the script forces to run the simulation mode as normal user. And the
>script has a bug tracker in Launchpad, so people can easily find known
>issues with the script.  

Don't worry, I don't have concerns against anybodies or your scripts.
As Gunnar, my opinion is, that the warning paragraph of the Wiki should
be completely removed. I tried to workaround by editing the paragraph
from "on your own risk" to "ask if you don't understand the content",
but it's definitively better that Gunnar removed it, especially since
my workaround was written in broken English. I usually try to edit
technically issues and not to write long explanations in English. This
is completely unrelated to your script. I just read the link you posted
and as a member of the documentation team, I edit Wikis, if I notice
something and assuming I have got the time to do so.

It's exactly my point that the community notices mistakes and will
correct them, e.b. by reporting bugs, or by disagreeing on a mailing
list, ask Ubuntu, etc. or editing the Wiki.


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