Siddharth-Jean Baburaj schreef op 05-08-2017 22:06:

Dear Ubuntu team,

My name is Siddharth-Jean Baburaj and I have created two recordings through my mobile of two new Ubuntu Startup and Shutdown sounds.

They are way too robotic and ghastly.

But don't mind my opinion. But I mean, I would never want that on any desktop and I would try to get rid of that as soon as possible. For one, they are too short. Also too metallic and alien I guess. Not a sense of warmth coming from it. But anyway, again, just one opinion I guess.

I got inspired by the beautiful Japanese Shrines and how the weather and the atmosphere changes but I added a more retro futuristic feel to it to make it sound more modern while retaining the feel as though you there at a Japanese shrine.

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