Greetings, I'm wondering if there's any Ubuntu Developer(s) who might be willing to either help me setup HalcyonGrid in a VM of Ubuntu Server in VMware Workstation and/or try it themselve(s) in an Ubuntu Server VM.

A friend of mine who installs the Halcyon Worlds on Windows Servers had provided for me a download <> of everything that's needed for a single region, though he meant that it would need to be connected to a Windows installation of Halcyon for running on Ubuntu. I had set the paths in the `Halycon.ini` to the IP of my VPS that is running a Windows installation of Halcyon, though it didn't work for some reason. And I had tried to setup a MySQL database for it, but there was some kind of SSL error on that. Also the new releases of Halcyon are no longer pre-compiled unfortunately.

"You will have to put in MySQL server on the Ubuntu VM and install Whip (Linux compile), Anaximander II (Linux compile) and figure out how to make a website for it since the MyWorld website will not run in Ubuntu yet. (I cannot get it to run in Mono or set up Mono to run a website with Apache.)"

"At this point, attempting to run Halcyon in Ubuntu simply is out of reach. Only "kf6kjg" has been able to do it so far and only by linking it to my existing world online from a home installation. Its quite complex on how to do it, and I don't know all of its requirements. "kf6kjg" is not going to take the time to try to explain it either, as it has no gain to be accomplished by it for you or anyone else at this time. It just does not work out well with no Physics operational."

Also I'm wondering if any Ubuntu Developer(s) would be able to try to make running Halcyon in Ubuntu within reach (by contributing to the HalcyonGrid Project).

Thank you, Shalom.


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