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> The problem is that for creating debdelta I first need to do rsync
> with main mirror and then create a debdelta. As I mentioned in my
> email, the limitation is disk space on our hosting site. Give me
> enough disk space and I will create repository for karmic, for amd64,
> jaunty-updates etc.
> I am not involved with any effort mentioned by you. I discovered
> debdelta about two months back. And I setup this repository just as
> experiment. It turned easier to do than expected.

Hi Onkar,
 How did I miss this thread. Great work there. I would have
appreciated if people would have added their experiences with using
the updates from the debdelta repository.

What Vishal is/was talking about is the discussion he did about a
month back on ubuntu-devel-discuss

I had discovered debdeltas way before but don't/didn't know if it can be used.

> Onkar

You need to publicize it more. If you want I can point it out on my
blog as well. The only thing is I don't know if your mirror can take
any pressure or not. Also don't know if people are using 8.10 or not.

Slightly OT to the thread here but has anybody wondered why usually
the odd named releases are much better than the even numbered
releases. Is it because just like the Indian team which can't take
pressure in big matches, something similar plays in the mind of
software developers in even numbered releases as well.

I am thinking/talking about specifically about audio and video drivers
and generally the quality of the release.

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