Hello there,

My name is Ryan (a.k.a SevenBits), and I’m the developer of Mac Linux USB 
Loader, a tool that allows Ubuntu ISOs to be booted directly from a USB drive 
on Apple Macs.

As of Ubuntu 16.04, I cannot get the distribution to load properly from ISO. I 
can load the kernel and the initial RAM disc, but upon loading the kernel, an 
error message from isoscan is displayed saying that the ISO file cannot be 
found, even though it is present. This prohibits the system from booting and 
drops us into a BusyBox command line.

Also affected are other distributions based on Ubuntu, such as Linux Mint and 
elementary OS. I believe that versions of Ubuntu prior to 16.04, and their 
derivatives, work, but I will do some testing to confirm this.

Here is the GRUB file that is used to boot Ubuntu: 

Were there any changes in this package that might have caused 16.04 to break? I 
would appreciate any information you can point me to that would help me solve 
this issue.

Please CC me as I’m not a member of this list.


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