I created debian package for hunspell-ta. It has Tamil dictionary file
for hunspell spell checker. Now i upload that package to my PPA on
Launchpad. The following are the steps to download hunspell-ta package from
Launchpad and install in your system.

  This package is built for Lucid but it also can use in the previous
releases like karmic, jaunty etc.,


System->Administration->Software Sources

Choose Third-Party Software

Click the Add button then a window prompted with the text entry, you just
give the following line in that text box

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/suji87-msc/ppa/ubuntu karmic main
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/suji87-msc/ppa/ubuntu lucid main

when prompted, reload the software sources information, Don't worry if you
see a warning about unverified software sources; we're going to fix that

Open your terminal to give the following command to update

sudo apt-get update

After that there are two ways to install this package in your system

1) Through Synaptic Package Manager

 Give hunspell-ta on search box, it shows that package and mark that for
installation and press apply.

2) Through terminal command

 Give the following commad to install hunspell-ta

sudo apt-get install hunspell-ta

you can get more details about this package from here

Suji A.

Ubuntu-l10n-tam mailing list

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