Hello Ricardo and team,
I understand that you are eager to start, but having so many chapters and sections still open (see spreadsheet [1] below) I will not give the green light to start. The way it looks now, we will not have enough contributors to do the job. It will take much of my time to guide and recruit newcomers. I am only willing to do so when EVERY chapter/section has a name next to it on the spreadsheet.
Best regards,

On 13-02-18 01:08, Ricardo Grant wrote:
Hey Hannie,

Yep, thank you. Maybe it's time to start recruiting on social media like Reddit or Hacker Noon etc.
If it hasn't been done already. Thoughts?
What's wrong with this mailing list as the main means of communication?


On 2018-02-12 03:35 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn wrote:
Hello Ricardo,
Good question. In general, I would say that the change from Unity to Gnome will need most of the editing work (Chapter "The Ubuntu Desktop"). Most chapters/sections only need to be proofread and later, if we continue, undergo minor changes. I will add a column "Proofread" to the spreadsheet. If you proofread a chapter/section, make notes which minor changes are needed. But we should only do this AFTER we have decided whether we are going to continue or not. Like I said before, we can only continue once all chapters/sections have an editor/proofreader.
Does this answer your question?
Best regards,

On 11-02-18 18:48, Ricardo Grant wrote:
Hello Hannie/Team,

Can you make it clear which sections do not need authors / editors? Also editing may not be as intensive as
writing parts, so I can do more if need be.


On 2018-02-11 11:15 AM, Hannie Dumoleyn wrote:

Hello team,

Since my last email (02/07/2018), see email below, I notice that only 4 people have added their names to the spreadsheet:
Philip Harvey
Edmond Condillac
Sayantan Das
and myself.

There are still 27 chapters/sections that need an editor. Please have a look at the spreadsheet, sheet Bionic (18.04), and put your name next to the chapter/section you want to edit (proofread).




Hello team,

Let's begin by using the shared spreadsheet, sheet Bionic [1]. Those who have said they would help as an author/editor can add their names to the chapters/sections they want to work on. Some parts need to be rewritten or deleted, others only need a bit of editing. We also may have to add new chapters/sections for 18.04. I am thinking of gnome, which is now the environment used in Ubuntu.

As soon as all chapters/sections have a name (you may choose more than one chapter/section), we will take further action to start the real work.

Please do not wait too long, or we won't have enough time to do the job. If you have any questions, please send them to this list. Thanks.


[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Nl3Yue69IM2EflSdyeHgADET49RZRmgfDVoxHutQIk/edit#gid=913411705

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