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On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 12:00:18AM +0200, Micha Bailey wrote:
> For these reasons and others, including the Bitcoin software in any
> stable, no-updates release is not a good thing for Ubuntu users nor for
> the bitcoin network as a whole.  There is already a PPA, maintained by
> Matt Corallo, one of the core developers, and linked to from
> http://bitcoin.org/en/download.  Said PPA provides both the Bitcoin
> software and the BDB 4.8 packages needed for wallet compatibility with the
> software on other platforms.  Over at Debian, their Bitcoin Packaging Team
> has been maintaining the package, keeping it in the unstable branch (sid)
> only, where it is allowed to be updated with new releases of the software. 
> It is not included in the stable repository (wheezy), nor in testing
> (jessie).  If I understand correctly, Ubuntu doesn't have that kind of
> release.  It is my opinion that, given Ubuntu's methods of managing its
> software, it would be better to not include Bitcoin in the Ubuntu
> repositories, unless exceptions to the policies could be made, allowing
> all supported Ubuntu versions to get the latest updates as they come down
> from upstream.  As a first step, the Bitcoin software should be removed
> from Trusty's repositories, assuming no exception can be made.  Ideally,
> it would also be removed from the older repositories (Precise, Quantal,
> Raring, Saucy) if it can't be updated, though I'm told that's
> significantly harder from the perspective of the standard workflows.

Since this package is in unstable only, I agree that it should not be
included in Ubuntu.  I've removed the package from trusty now and
blacklisted it so that future versions are not synced from Debian

Unfortunately, it is not feasible to remove the package from stable
releases.  If there are versions of the package in stable releases that are
actively harmful, we could accept an SRU that disables the problematic parts
on upgrade (with a suitable notice).

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