On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 08:52:20AM -0700, Adam Conrad wrote:
> We could have demoted it to proposed and held it out with a blocking
> bug, approximating the "unstable only" situation in Debian.  But I
> guess removing and blacklisting doesn't hurt my feelings either. My
> general gut feeling to any developer saying "this software isn't
> good enough to be in a stable release" is "then it's not good enough
> to be installed".  There will always be one person who installs and
> never upgrades, after all.

PPAs seem the be closest repository option in Ubuntu, and allow for automatic 
upgrades when appropriate.

Are there other packages like this?

Should we set up a more formal procedure for "blessed" / "supported" PPAs?
Especially with software like Bitcoin, we want to protect users from rogue PPAs.


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