On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 4:42 AM, Scott Ritchie <>wrote:

> The package should be doable by any Ubuntu Developer since it is just
> an empty package.  Process will be your biggest hurdle, as you've
> already seen.  Do you have a Launchpad bug filed already?   A title
> like "Replace bitcoin-core with an empty dummy package" should suffice
> -- that bug will then be linked in the SRU upload (uploading to
> precise-proposed can be done by any dev).  After that's done, the SRU
> team can be subscribed who will then accept the upload.
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:57 AM, Micha Bailey <>
> wrote:
> > Hi, I brought up the issue of Bitcoin Core (the new name/branding of the
> > Bitcoin reference implementation, to distinguish between the specific
> > software and the system) and Ubuntu a few months ago. I was told that
> while
> > it could be (and then it was) removed from the then-next release, Trusty,
> > and blacklisted from Debian syncing, it couldn't be removed from the
> repos.
> > Someone (I seem to remember it being S(teve?) Langasek) mentioned that
> one
> > possibility was an SRU (I think that was the term for it) that removed
> the
> > software by "replacing" it with a dummy package. Recently, yet another
> user
> > came in to the IRC channels and was having problems with version 0.3.24
> as
> > shipped in precise. At the time I tried figuring out how to go about
> > proposing the dummy package replacement, and was unsuccessful. So, I'm
> > asking here: if anyone has the knowledge/skill for it and is willing to
> help
> > out with the process of "removing" the package?
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