Greetings to all,

I am passing familiar with Ubuntu (Currently running Linux Mint 18.3 on
Primary system), but by no means an 'expert'.

I am working to install Mythbuntu (16.04.3) on a Dell Optiplex GX620. The
capture card I have is a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1950.

I began the installation of Mythbuntu before discovering the Quick Start
Guide that has been written. Except for a very few typos, it is a most
excellent, well written document.  If you all would like, I would be happy
to send the version of the guide I prepared for my own use with the typos
corrected.  Please let me know.

Except for choosing to download updates and drivers not already included
during install, everything has gone well up to the point where I select a
capture card. I chose 'add a new card', as directed, but once I did,
nothing else happened. The drop down that was supposed to appear, did not.
This leads me to wonder if my capture card hasn't been 'seen' by Ubuntu
owing to being connected via USB. Of course, I did check and confirm that
all of the connections to the capture card were connected.  I'm thinking
that the thing I should do is exit out of the MythTV backend setup and go
into Ubuntu's settings to discover if my capture card is being recognized
by Ubuntu (it has been recognized during previous attempts to set this
computer up as my HTPC, the 'hard way').

I'm looking for advice and guidance on how to proceed from this point.

Thank you!
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