Sorry about being a conspiracy theorist!  ;-)  The comments on the
blog are obviously closed automatically after a few weeks. (The usual
hint on this - important for UX! ,-) - is gone, maybe for aesthetic
reasons -- the conspiracy is haunting us again, yay!)

Sad thing, I would have really liked to add something meaningful to
the discussion.

Cheers, Peter

2016-09-19 18:43 GMT+02:00 Peter Bittner <>:
> I'm reading the comments on
> and I'm
> wondering how the comments ended up on that page. Can I or someone
> else add more comments, or is this take for an external source?
> (Twitter?) -- All the positive voices sound rather selective, a bit
> like propaganda to me. Don't get me wrong.
> I think that "semantic meaning" is indeed imperative. That the
> aubergine / purple has vanished in the new palette for a light color
> (that is comparably hard to read, IMHO) is a bit striking though. I'd
> like to support that observation with a comment of mine in the blog
> post.
> Interestingly, the Ubuntu Design website [1] *does* list the aubergine
> / purple. Which content is more up-to-date, the blog or the Design
> website? (I recall reading that the latter is scheduled for being
> updated.)
> [1]
> Kind regards,
> Peter
> 2016-05-20 14:37 GMT+02:00 Rae Shambrook <>:
>> Hi all,
>> Just to let you know, we have now published a blog post about the new
>> palette:

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