Actually that's an old issue. I experience that mostly on my Nexus 7 on 
rc-proposed but I also get it on my bq E5 on stable. I think bluetooth crashes 
that's why you can't turn it on. For me, what I do is do a reboot until 
bluetooth works.I'm pretty sure there's a command for that. I'm just too lazy 
to search for it :D

      From: "" <>
 Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 2:10 PM
 Subject: [Ubuntu-phone] Bluetooth died after OTA13
I Have been eagerly awaiting actually being able to use bluetooth since 
the day the BQ 4.5 was released, every month there's a new issue of some 
sort or another.

Having upgraded today I have discovered that it is turned off, I turn it 
on through the top taskbar but nothing happens. So I check bluetooth in 
settings and it is turned off, so I turn it on. Quit settings, go back 
in and now it is turned off again, but the top taskbar still shows it is 
turned on.

Nobody else seems to be talking about this so is it just me?

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