I found the information I had been given this summer:

> it might work if you use that guide to install android and then from there 
> install that
> multirom app or what its called. you can set up dual boot with ubuntu with 
> that.


(Thanks, Michael Zanetti!)

Enjoy the video in the Play Store! It says Ubuntu Touch is installable
just by a single click, but doesn't show it. A Turkish video showing
the actual installation from April 2016 is at:

The bq Support website now has the flash tool available for download:
Android firmware for Aquaris E5:

The original Canonical way to do dual boot: (says it has been tested
and is working on Nexus 4)
Here are some German articles describing the very same thing: (from 2013/2014)
Here are a 2015 and a 2014 blog post in English about it:

I may try this in the next few days. Cross your fingers,

2016-09-21 19:03 GMT+02:00 Peter Bittner <>:
> I need to install Android on my bq Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition phone, because
>   a. I need to verify a hardware issue (proximity sensor), and
>   b. I have come to a situation in my work environment that requires
> me to have at least one, preferably several of the most popular char
> apps fully working (WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, you-name-it).
> I don't want to lose the possibility to follow the development of
> Ubuntu Touch with my own device, so I'm looking into doing a dual-boot
> solution with Android + Ubuntu Touch.
> Someone, I think here on the list, this summer has given me some
> specific advice about how to proceed. Unfortunately, I don't find that
> email anymore.
> If it were somehow possible to retain the current user data and
> settings of my Ubuntu phone that would be awesome, of course. Some
> advice about which directories to copy off the device before wiping it
> may be sufficient too. Clean installs are cool too, so why not get rid
> of everything, sure.
> I've read that Android and Ubuntu Touch (can) share the user data in a
> separate partition, so nothing gets lost between upgrades and data can
> be shared between the systems, reboot required only. Is this correct?
> Looking forward to having a ... err ... a more useful phone!   :-]
> Peter
> P.S.: I'm really enjoying the OTA-13 calendar app, finally with
> multiple (Google) calendars!! Yay!

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