Dear porting community,

I have a question regarding my porting venture...

I am past the point where you 'plug' an android kernel (specific to your
device)  plus pre-compiled proprietary dependencies to the ubuntu touch
source tree and you make it compile... I have my boot, recovery and system
.img files, but I 'plug' them in the device, and it still doesn't boot... I
get a never ending cycle or re-starts with the samsung logo coming up and
blacking out. (btw my target device is the galaxy tab s a.k.a. chagalllte)

A known issue is that if I compile everything that is by default there for
the kernel, my boot.img is too big, so the TWRP recovery refuses to flash
it (and if I try to flush it with sth else, I soft-brick the device).  So
my current strategy about that is to de-activate drivers (for example) or
compiled objects related to 'sound' that don't seem that important.
Eventually I get bellow the critical capacity level, but apparently what I
end up with is unusable.

It could save me immense amounts of my spare-time if I could fish for a log
file that guides me through what's wrong in there and I stop trying to
navigate blind... Does anyone have any ideas how to ?

Any general well-educated advice is more than welcome :)


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