Mesa has a standing MRE, but upstream changed their release cadence
last year from a major release every 6 months to less-major releases
every 3 months..

Now with trusty we're in a less-than-optimal situation that support for
Intel Broadwell will be completed in the next release scheduled for May
30th, while trusty has 10.1 from late February. Trying to backport
support for BDW to 10.1 has proven to get out of control pretty quick
with 50+ commits and counting, and still seeing brokenness not on master.

So I'm asking if it would be possible to have an exception with mesa,
allowing a bigger update to land as SRU after sufficient testing for
regressions has been done on both T+1 and -proposed. We have piglit as a
test suite to spot obvious regressions, and ways to gather wider testing
from the community when it's looking good enough from our side.

This would allow a more sane way to provide BDW support in 14.04.1 than
backporting a big pile of commits and maintaining the franken-mesa



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