On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 11:56 AM, Steve Langasek
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> Fair enough,  It's just that so far none of the flavors have responded, so
> I'm not sure if they considered this addressed at them.
> Which flavors need to sign off on this?  Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Studio,
> UbuntuKylin?

Representatives from everyone (that didn't already pull in Noto Color
Emoji) except Kylin have replied to the bug directly.

Kubuntu and Lubuntu Next object to having Noto Color Emoji installed by default.

The Lubuntu and Lubuntu Next metapackages ignore Recommends so I don't
think Lubuntu's opinion should carry much weight here. (They already
don't install Symbola and won't be getting this new Recommends now

Qt doesn't support color emoji everywhere yet. So I suggest that
Kubuntu could just have some thing like libqt5gui5 pull in Symbola for
now instead of having it done by desktop-common. If that's fine, then
we're ok to drop Symbola from desktop-common.

The remaining question is whether it's appropriate for  desktop-common
to pull in the default Noto Color Emoji font that is useful for most
GTK (and Cairo I think) apps or if most desktop metapackages will need
to explicitly request it instead.

Jeremy Bicha

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