Kubuntu would like to take part.

We are waiting to see if some fixes for gstreamer can be done and maybe
help Qt 5.9.4 migrate from -proposed. Release team seem to these
transitions (gstreamer if not Qt) are important to have in place for the
beta. Again, a small beta delay might be a result, but hopefully not.
The Qt transition has a bugfix for people upgrading existing mesa rather
than a fresh install, so it is very desirable for us.

Rik Mills
Kubuntu Council
Kubuntu Developer

On 06/03/18 06:17, Dustin Krysak wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> Is there any interest in getting a beta one rolling? Initially set for
> March 1st, the updated schedule is calling for March 8th. I know there
> is a sprint in progress in which many of the Nusakan admins are
> attending, so I am just attempting to get that portion locked down.
> I have created the required wiki page for sign up located over at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/Beta1.
> Does the Release Team have any feedback?
> Since this is an LTS release, the alphas were a no go; people are
> seeding snap packages, some of the flavours are moving pretty fast, it
> would help to get this beta on the move. I've
> also signed myself up for checklist tracking for this one, so I just
> need someone from the Release Team to volunteer to take care of Nusakan
> (as mentioned above - the sprint may pose some issues) and cron job
> disabling (the usual stuff). I know in the past (so I heard) timezones
> can be tricky. For reference, I am in the PST time zone.
> Ubuntu Budgie is a yes for sure, but if other flavours would like to
> participate, please edit the above wiki page (or send me an email and I
> can take care of it) with updated contact information if applicable and
> the location for your release notes. If a representative from a flavour
> doesn't respond or edit the wiki page, I'll assume that they aren't
> participating.
> If anyone feels there are any gaps, let me know.
> Thanks, everyone!
> Dustin Krysak
> dus...@bashfulrobot.com <mailto:dus...@bashfulrobot.com>
> bashfulrobot  on freenode
> -- 
> Dustin Krysak

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