Hi Ubuntu Release Team,

I'm setting up a local mirror to support upgrading using the mirror and I
haven't been able to test upgrading yet due to the
changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-relase and meta-release-lts files haven't been
updated to include Ubuntu 18.04. Thank you if I've missed a memo or
overlooked any research results that would explain the delay in the file

I hope this email doesn't come across as harassment haha, I'm in no rush
just hope nothing's been forgotten. Thanks everyone for all your hard work.

Triston Line

Yes I've tried do-release-upgrade -d without success, if I may have missed
something I'd love to hear it as I'm only network engineer, not a full time
systems administrator. Thanks, again.

*Also launchpad is down* for one reason or another at the time of writing.
Tested locally, cellulary and had a friend and a foreign website give it a
go, nada. or http://ppa.launchpad.net/
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