On 13/04/18 22:24, Adam Conrad wrote:
So, before we go baking in the support headers in the final release of
bionic, we should double-check with all the flavour leads what their
support commitment plans are for 18.04.  Currently, what we have live
in production is:

5 Year LTS:
   - Ubuntu Base / Cloud / Desktop / Server
3 Year LTS:
   - Kubuntu
   - Lubuntu
   - Ubuntu Budgie
   - Ubuntu MATE
   - UbuntuKylin
   - Xubuntu
Not LTS:
   - UbuntuStudio
   - Lubuntu Next

It is highly recommended that flavours that choose to be LTS remain
with a 3 years cycle, as that gives you an overlap to get users to
the next LTS without committing to, frankly, a much longer support
length than you think five years is until you've done it. ;)

If we could get people to sound off with an "I represent $flavour, and
I confirm that we intend to support 18.04 for 3 years" (or, obviously,
let us know instead if you don't intend to do so, so we can adjust),
that would be lovely.

... Adam

Xubuntu Release Team ack for us doing LTS for Bionic



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