I think it's really pretty. I just set it up on my last 18.04 installation from 
the beta-tests and it does fit well in my opinion.


I actually planned to work on a second one myself as well, but haven't had the 
time yet to really commit to it or any good idea, either.

I'd give this a go, maybe just that the logo is not completely centred and I'm 
not entirely sure, but I think the tone of blue in the background is a little 
different from the system palette. I just quickly checked it back with the 
US-logo and the hue of the logo (#009BF9) seems to be going around -8 to -10 
more towards teal, rather than deep blue. I think it could look even better, if 
it's uniform with the rest of the system, but that's criticism on a very high 
level. So, good job!
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