Hi all,

I hope this is not redundant, but what do you think about adding gimp-python to 
the pre-installable US-packages?

I've just noticed that the Resynthesize Healing-plugins weren't available in 
GIMP and thought this was because of the gimp-plugin-registry at first. After 
re-installing, I still didn't have them in the filter-list and found out after 
searching online that was due to gimp-python not being installed.

I don't know how pupular they are, but for me they are basically a 
bread-and-butter tool for quickly picking up dirt from the ground or cleaning a 
background just by using selection and hotkeys, I can only imagine it being 
confusing if someone else got used to them.

PS: I also just saw that xiccd is already installed and the new Xfce display 
color management just works out of the box, very cool!

Kind regards,

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