On Mon, 17 Oct 2016 12:35:33 -0500, WMID wrote:
>Generally I use fonts that come with bold, italic like Ubuntu family,
>Noto, Roboto, but in Ubuntu Studio are more and more fonts that not
>have bold or italic, this kind of fonts is not useful for my on
>Inkscape. Do you can said me how to delete that fonts and only retain
>fonts that come with bold, italic.


  dpkg -l *font*|grep ii|cut -d" " -f3|grep -v config|grep -v libfont|grep -v 

to get a list of many, if not all installed fonts. Most likely most
shown packages are font packages, but some might be meta-packages or
utilities, applications that are font related.

You could list the files provided by a package by running

  dpkg -L <package_name>

you could test what would be done, if you would remove a package by a

  sudo apt purge --dry-run <package_name>

without the dry-run switch, you could remove a package.

  sudo apt purge <package_name>

Perhaps you need to google the package name to get information of what
kind of fonts styles are provided or maybe the file list does help. At
least the trial-and-error method should do the job.

To reinstall a purge removed package run

  sudo apt update -qq && sudo apt install <package_name>

or if you want to cache the packages either

  sudo apt update -qq && sudo apt -o APT::Keep-Downloaded-Packages=1 install 

or simply the good old apt-get

  sudo apt update -qq && sudo apt-get install <package_name>

you don't need to keep package in the cache, however, to list the cached
packages run

  ls -hl /var/cache/apt/archives/



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