Hi, not sure if this the best place for this post... 

I have an asi4215 audio card which supports balanced analogue audio and 
AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.

There seem to be few affordable cards which support this so even though this is 
an old card, it's configuration is very useful 

Unfortunately, even though there is a driver available from Audio Science 
(3.08.06), it is not included in the distro, and I have had problems compiling 
it due to the kernel lacking "firmware_class" support  which prevents the 
driver from loading the the required firmware at compile time.
for instructions, but this kernel seems to have the firmware_class enabled 

As the Ubuntu Studio kernel has low latency parameters applied, I am unsure 
how to recompile this to support the firmware_class option.

Would it be possible to consider adding this support and the driver to future 


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