Additionally, I tested other languages after a full installation in a
QEMU virtual machine.

# Steps

$language = [ spanish | german | portuguese ]

boot on ISO daily 20180414 (Unfortunately, this ISO fails to display a menu and 
directly opens the desktop)
french keymap
no update during installation
no 3rd party software
timezone: paris
password: test
automatically login
update & full-upgrade

# Results

T = translated
O = non translated

Strings                                   | French  German  Portug. Spanish
Trash (Desktop)                           |    T       T       T       T   
Software (& tooltip)                      |    O       T       T       T   
or use multihead setup for individual...  |                                
Disque floppy                             |                                
Show location of pointer on keypress      |    O       O       T       T   
Flip                                      |    O       O       O       T   
Backup and restore                        |    O       O       O       O   
Help & Close (in Xfce Panel Switch)       | 
Streams                                   | 
Pidgin's tooltip                          | 
Currently only urgent notifications...    | 
Fonts & Simple Scan                       | 
Slides & Skip button (during installation)| 

For more information about each string, see my previous message.

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  Xubuntu - French - Bionic Beta2 - Untranslated strings in the live

Status in Ubuntu Translations:

Bug description:
  # General information

  While iso-testing the next release of Ubuntu [1] in the French
  language, I noticed several strings are not translated into French,
  which is allegedly 100% translated! [4]

  I understand that some strings are handled by the Ubuntu
  TranslationTeam [6], while others are translated by Xfce's [7].
  Therefore I have roughly sorted them.

  # Solutions

  Correct the translations upstream in Xfce [5] if possible.
  Correct the translations in Ubuntu's Launchpad.
  I am a native French speak so I can help with translations.

  # Steps to reproduce the bug

  1- Download the ISO [2]
  2- Run it with qemu [3] or wih a USB stick (for the latter, `dd` the ISO)
  3- Select `Français` (French)
  4- Select `Essayer Xubuntu` (Try Xubuntu)

  # Links & commands
  [3] `sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -m 2G -enable-kvm 
  [4] Xfce:

  # Untranslated strings and steps to find them

  Various comments are in parentheses.
  The sorting is unverified.

  ## Ubuntu

  Add, remove or update software on this computer
  Whiskper Menu
  (Translated in the app: "Logiciels")
  menu-libre displays the correct locale.
  Not specific to whiskermenu: see applicationsmenu 
  Not specific to French. Tested pt and it.
  Not specific to (gnome-)software: see fonts, simple-scan
  I looked for a duplicate on Launchpad and Ubuntu Translations but failed to 
find one: key words "menu xfce", "application menu translation", "app menu 
translat", "application menu translate", "menu xfce translat", "whisker menu"

  Backup and restore
  All Settings
  Xfce Panel

  Xfce Panel Switch
  Open Xfce Panel Switch
  (The name of the tool in "All Settings" is translated!)
  I have just submitted a new translation)

  (and others)
  'Show' menu

  ## Xfce

  Chat over IM. Supports AIM, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, and more
  Whisker menu
  Pidgin's tooltip

  On the Desktop
  (Translation OK in 'All Settings > Desktop' and in Thunar)

  Disque floppy

  Currently only urgent notifications are shown.
  Notification logging is disabled.
  Open the notification window from the panel (Bell icon)
  Disable notifications

  Show location of pointer on keypress
  All Settings

  or use multihead setup for individual monitors
  All Settings
  LightDM GTK+



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