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>> Sorry for the top post, I'm on my phone.
>> I think partimage does what you want already. Clonezilla gives a
>> slightly) friendlier front end, but I've not used either for several
>> years...
>I believe partimage does not handle ext4 which would be a problem (at
>least that is what [1] says)

You are right. It looks like it may work with ext4, but it's not supported. 
fsarchiver is an alternative that does support ext4 and is written by the 
partimage developer. 

>I had thought about clonezilla and will have another look at it. The
>last time I used it (which was some time ago) it seemed overly
>complex, but perhaps I just need to put a bit more effort in to see
>how to use it from a script.

Clonezilla definitely supports ext4, using partclone which may be more easily 

>[1] https://www.partimage.org/Main_Page

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