On 01/12/16 11:18, George Tripp wrote:
Thanks for all your replies. The thing is I recently bought one on Amazon. It 
turned out that it definitely wasn't plug and play. It did include a linux driver 
you had to compile. I'm afraid I failed at this and ended up returning it. I wanted 
to avoid repeating this! (I have one I bought years ago from the Linux Emporium 
& that just works.)

I've never needed to compile a driver for a Wifi Dongle. Most all use the same chipsets and are well supported.

if you struggle to find one that works try buying one which is supported by Raspberry Pi.. If it works on Raspbian (a Debian derivative) it's almost certain to work on Ubuntu.

Try searching for "raspberry pi wifi dongle" - that should give you loads of compatible options.



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