On 08/04/18 15:44, J Fernyhough wrote:
On 08/04/18 14:08, Jim Price wrote:
I'm trying to solve a problem with double clicking the mouse for someone
with jittery hand movements. The problem is that there is usually enough
movement between their first and second clicks of a double click that it
is registered as two single clicks in different places.

Which DE are you using, and in what context are you double-clicking?

MATE is what we're trying to use, but if there's a solution only in a desktop other than MATE then that's what it's going to be. The context is any application which needs a double click to do things, and drag and drop is affected too, which is a further problem but easier to deal with than double clicking. My suggested solution allows drag and drop to start working after the double click timeout has expired. I would have thought that it wouldn't necessarily be desktop specific as the underlying mouse activity is handled by X11. Some desktops do get involved I believe but by no means all of them. A solution which only relies on X11 should work for all of them.

e.g. I've just tested under MATE 1.20 by moving the mouse while
(relatively slowly) clicking twice on an item in Caja (e.g. once on the
folder icon, once on the text) - each time it detects this as a
double-click on that item.

If you can use a keyboard you don't have it as bad as this user. She has a sense of timing which is about enough to hit a location with the mouse, but usually only once at the same location. A double click rarely works either because of change of location and/or inability to get two clicks done in time - sometimes both. Upping the double click delay often results in the second click being even further away. Slowing the mouse right down makes typing on the onscreen keyboard even more laborious.

The other alternative is to use a trackball instead of a mouse
(something I've come to prefer generally _anyway_).

Sadly that didn't work out, but thanks for the suggestions.



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