On 08/04/18 16:52, J Fernyhough wrote:
On 08/04/18 16:27, Jim Price wrote:
MATE is what we're trying to use

How about Mouse Keys (under Keyboard Preferences)?

Cursor can be positioned by both/either numpad keys or mouse, then a
click by pressing a key without worrying about accidentally moving the
cursor around.

Though, if the person concerned isn't able to easily use a keyboard it's
not really a solution...

Unfortunately that is the case. The chances of hitting something with the mouse are quite a lot higher than hitting a given key on the keyboard. A significantly larger keyboard might help but I haven't managed to find a suitable one, plus it needs to be usable from a bed. That's where the mouse wins as you don't have to take your eyes away from the screen to aim at the target and you can keep your fingers on the one (or sometimes two) buttons needed to use a mouse a lot more reliably than four keyboard keys (and big button mice have proved straightforward to obtain).
Thanks anyway.



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