Thanks. The big trackball looks like it might be difficult to try before you buy as the links suggest they're across the Atlantic. Keyboards don't solve the mouse problem, but I will suggest it.


On 10/04/18 15:06, Liam Proven wrote:
On 10 April 2018 at 14:25, Jim Price <> wrote:

The trackpad was the most promising, but getting hold of a
suitably large trackpad has proven difficult.

IME trackpads require _more_ precise motor control than mice etc.

There have been some fairly
large ones made, but the best looking candidates have been discontinued
(thanks Logitec).

Such things exist:

More info:


A graphics tablet would be large enough, so that might be
another possibility.

Usually these are high-precision devices which might not be helpful.

Re keyboards, we used these for my computers-for-the-elderly startup:

Also see:

But an overlay with holes above the screens can be a big help for
those with severe motor deficits.


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