Dear Tobias,

Sorry for not answering earlier. 2.3.0 will hopefully be released in a
couple of weeks. Version 2.3.0rc2 has already been packaged in debian
experimental, so that should be able to package the final version

This is going to be short, but not undoable :)

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  [SRU] Update to maintenance release 2.1.5 in Xenial

Status in lyx package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Yakkety will have 2.2.0.

  LyX 2.1.5 is the result of on-going efforts to make our stable version
  even more reliable and stable. We have fixed a number of bugs and made
  a number of improvements. Many of these were minor, but there were a 
  few crashes we fixed, too. We strongly encourage all LyX users who wish
  to continue using 2.1.x to upgrade to this version.

  One of the main features of 2.1.5 is its ability to read and write files 
  in the 2.2.x format. Since the conversion process back and forth usually
  will not leave one with an identical file, however, we do not recommend 
  attempting to collaborate with users of 2.2.x. 

  What's new

  ** Updates:


  - Add \ensuremath to the list of math completions.

  - The entries in the outliner are no longer truncated at 40 chars (bug

  - The indentation of beamer frame contents has been decreased and

  - In mathed, select only current cell on double-click (bug 9747).


  - New German translation of the PDF-comment example file.

  - Updated Brazilian Portuguese, French and German user interface

  - Updated example file for PDF-comments.

  - Improved example file for the moderncv document class.

  - Updated French translation of Linguistics manual.

  - Revised Spanish Tutorial manual.

  - Revised French UserGuide manual.

  ** Bug fixes:


  - Fixed a typo in the tutorial.

  - Tex2lyx: fix bug with comments immediately folowed by some test (bug


  - Fix crash when activating "Close All" while an export process is running
    in the background (bug 9711).

  - Fix crash when unfolding/copying macros containing other macros (bug

  - Fix crash when inserting a line in multline math environment (bug

  - Fix crash when closing buffer one of whose children is also a child of
    other master (bug 9907).

  - Fix crash when clicking to the left of a tabular inset (bug 9955).

  - Fix assertion when selecting text just after loading document (bug

  - Fix automatic insertion of longtable captions (bug 9692).

  - Fix crash with previewed math shown in two views of the same document
    (bug 9957).

  - Fix setting of nested minipage via the dialog (bug 8716).

  - Reset cursor language when changing document-wide language (bug

  - Reset cursor font when leaving an inset to the left (bug 6032).

  - Reset cursor font when navigating with find or spellcheck (bug

  - Reset cursor font after inset-select-all (bug 9719).

  - Fix one case where cursor does not enter insets correctly (bug

  - Correctly update previews when cursor leaves inset (bug 6173).

  - Fix subscripts and superscripts of \overrightarrow and related macros
    (bug 1996).

  - Fix a crash with the outliner when switching documents (bug 9754).

  - Repaired selection of text and search-and-replace in the presence of math
    macros. The selection is no longer cleared unvolontarily (bugs 6078, 9364).

  - Disable setting vertical lines when using a formal table (bug 9816).

  - Disable function "layout" when the layout cannot be found (bug

  - Fix two bibliography related bugs: No default style shown in bibliography
    dialog in certain cases, and bad enabling-disabling behavior in Document>
    Settings> Bibliography (bugs 9797 and 9848).

  - The math command \sideset is now in the autocomplete list (bug

  - Disable Apply button in InsetParams dialogs if there is no inset to apply
    to (bug 9386).

  - Allow to insert program listings to footnotes and margin notes (fixes bug
    9785, but reintroduces bug 9321).

  - Do not output returns and tabs in outliner.

  - Fix on-screen font of starred sections in paper text class.

  - Fix category of several layouts of the foils text class (UI only).

  - Correct minimal size of the view source window (bug 4430).

  - Fix that changing the box type could delete the box (bug 8712).

  - Fix a crash when introducing a new shortcut (bug 9869).

  - Fix initialization problem with default Inset Layout.

  - When a counter is stepped, reset recursively all subcounters (bug

  - Erase correctly math multi-cell selections (bug 9747).

  - Fix warning about Undo when an empty subscript is automatically deleted in 
    (bug 10022).

  - Fix on screen narrow box when using \width as box width unit (bug


  - Fix parsing problems of class and category declaration line in layout files
    that could break the textclass detection (bug 9746).

  - Another attempt to fix NSAutoreleasePool related crashes within LinkBack
    driver. Now there is no global static pool used anymore (bug 8637).

  - Allow quotes in PDF text properties (bug 9830).

  - Avoid clogging the undo stack with useless entries when using the
    tabular dialog (bug 9960).


  - German UserGuide: fix many typos

  - French: "Rechercher" and "Remplacer" are no longer bound to the same

  - splash.lyx example file: correct a menu name


  - Fix output of math sizes.


  - Improved window geometry on Mac OS X (part of bug 9889).


  - Update the included boost library source to 1.60.

  - Work around gcc 5 bug 67557.

  - Give a warning when system boost and stdlib-debug are used together
    (bug 9736).

  - Correct Mac OS X package build script (10.11 SDK for Xcode 7 + El

  - Remove build file Resources.cpp from distribution (3.9M unpacked).

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